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One Day In Europe · 2005-05-06

The episode movie One Day In Europe is worth seeing. You have four episodes. Three of them work the following way. It is the day of the Champoinsleague finals. It plays Galatasaray Instambul vs. Deprotivo La Coruña. The match takes place in Moskow. So here you have the sets of three of the four episodes: Moskow, Istambul, Santiago de Compostela (not far from La Coruña). All four episodes vary the theme 'Being Robbed in a Foreign Country' and how to interact with locals in that situation. This is caried out quite nice for the first three episodes.

The fourth episode takes place in Berlin and provides no further significant content to the movie. The authority funding the movie must have it's head quarters in Berlin, somehow. Anyway,

The movie gives a good first insight into everyday problems Europe faces while converging and it gives you a laugh as well, though it is not really a big shot. You might want to see it.

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