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My Brain Hurts · 2005-05-06

There is one interesting trend, which was first observed by James Flynn, american philosophy professor. Average IQ test scores in every industrialized country on the planet had been increasing steadily for decades. Does that mean, we all become more intelligent for decades now? The telly programm speaks a different language. Why is it, that we can measure increasing abilities of pattern recognition among us?

Here is an article by Steven Johnson, published at, dealing with the topic: Dome Improvement

One reason, Stephen suggests, is that crappy graphical user interfaces and half baked electronic devices train us in this sort of 'IQ test pattern recognition'. Well, that is one statement I like.

Can Microsoft,, Nokia and Motorola make sure, that we will become more 'intelligent' soon? The next landmark concerning this will be the release of MS Longhorn. Here is an early statement.

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