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East Mediterranian B.B.Q. · 2005-05-01

While german unions went to fight the locust swarms of capitalism, I took my bike out. First I went to a gas station to adjust air pressure and other technical matters. Afterwards I went cruisin' to check whether my efforts have been useful. Since we had the first really warm day, it was a great cruise. Purest impression gathering.

Best was the east mediterranian B.B.Q. spot right opposite Horst Koehlers residence. One day I go there B.B.Qing! Today, it was really busy and still very nice. Call me an ideologically mislead hemp hippie, if these families form a dangerous parallel society. These people belong to the very center of german society. Well, um, o.k. they do not consume as much alcohol as we do and the vast majority of them runs honest businesses, but still they are nice in a very german way. On top of that they have that family thing, which dyed out in german society somehow.

Large families have a certain something. I bet one stays a whole lot calmer, when it comes to everyday problems, if your brothers in law are called Murat, Özkhan and Hassan.

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