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Mobile Technology Riot · 2005-05-01

This year, the Berlin Walpurgis riots, or parts of it, took place right in front of our place. It was not very big and I am happy about that. Particularly interesting were the blueish lights one could see every where among the crowds and the police units. It looked like a starry sky on the street. It have been the displays of all kinds of mobile technology. Both sides've been documenting every move of the opposite side with camphones, digicams and videocams. There will be the day when the sides stand opposite each other, holding their cams at each other and shout: "Give us a reason (to take a pic)! We sue you! We sue you!"

Anyway, at least a great ska/punk concert was organized before roiting. Good bands actually: Have you heard of "Holla, Die Waldfee" Well, the rest was more or less business as usual.

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