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On Software Development · 2004-06-16

"Writing software isn't about doing cool stuff, it's about watching your back."

If this statement was true we will endure a huge slow down in innovation within the IT sector. That holds for pure innovation as well as for quality of software, because grassroot developers will step back from the business, leaving the whole field to the big players. While stepping back, they will take with them the very successful way of enhancing software quality by peer review. The big players in turn are not really interested in solving problems or enhancing quality further than absolutely necessary, but in licensing their stuff the 'take it or leave it' way. Furthermore the whole development can do a lot of harm to small project oriented IT service enterprises. They simply do not have resources to move safely in the minefields of patents.

But anyway, if software development isn't about doing cool stuff anymore, what's the use? Being payed for sitting in a cubicle, coding 3d animated cursors for office suites? Urghs!

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