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100.000 Euro Logo · 2005-04-23

new BA logoPardon? A new logo for the very famous 'Bundesagentur fuer Arbeit' (German Federal Agency for Labour) shall cost 100.000 Euro? The sheer design, not including costs for implementing the changes? C'mon chaps, I'll make you one for 10.000 ... or, wait, you are doing such a fine job. For you guys I will make one for free ...


  1. feuerhake    Apr 26, 13:07    #
    argh had the same idea and was actually a bit earlier online, if we can trust our timestamps. So all the fame goes to him, of course:
  2. — Juergen    May 6, 07:42    #
    Offensichtlich ist das Logo fertig:
    Ach, waere man doch Jakobiner…

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