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Report Saturday Wizards of OS 3 · 2004-06-12

This is a follow up of a prior article

The first session on Saturday was the best one so far. It was called 'wikipedia and friends' . Three guys presented how to deal with the topic from different points of view. Apparently, one of the guys was the founder of Wikipedia. (Though I liked the presentations of the others better). There was one sentence that I'll keep in mind. It went loosely like that: 'A Wiki used in an organisation will reflect the state of that organisation. Wiki can be a great tool in organisations that are determined to achieve a certain goal.' Yes, this seems to be true. In organisations that are lacking goals and determination a Wiki does no good. It always goes like this, Boss: "We need to collaborate. Lets set up a Wiki." The Wiki is set up, and it never comes to life. The boss again: "Wiki seems to be a lousy tool, lets get a real ContentManagemntSystem with all rights-, user- and approval management - and that will work." The poor boss doesn't even realise that it is his organisation thats in bad shape, and he just covers this shortcoming with repressive methods like approval procedures. There 's been way more in this session. Go and try to get the slide sets.

The second session covered securing quality of opensource software. The arguments were within the expected parameters, which means, this session was a very good one as well. Go get the slide sets again - especially if you are a 'project manager' and you did not code a lot lately.

The last Saturday session, or rather, the keynote was presented by Ross Anderson and dealt with the future of P2P networks. A whole lot of information in 45min time. Ross actually referred to the Condorcet-Paradoxon by Kenneth Arrow, so Ross can't be all bad, though I'm not sure whether 'distributed hashtables' will become an outstanding breakthrough in the near future ;-) I guess I'll follow this topic.

I got me a t-shirt. Isn't that embarrassing?

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