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Report Friday Wizards of OS 3 · 2004-06-12

I don't know for what good reason, but this Saturdays sessions have been better then those on Friday. The conference as a whole, as far as I can say, was again very good. The presence of experienced programmers and developers and young wannabes at the same time always gives me hope that semiconductor driven technologies do something good to mankind, after all. I have to preserve this feeling till next WOS.

OK, Let's begin chronologically and therefore start with Fridays sessions. First, I went to a session about 'software patents in the EU, current developments' That's been one of the hardest sessions I've endured so far. The whole thing covered only really dry law stuff and no PERL. I still didn't want to leave early, because I think the topic is highly relevant for European economies since, in contrast to the US, we have a lot of small business over here. Their business models rely entirely on open source software. In summary, it's been quite hard to follow, but I hope I got the main ideas, and at least I got a couple of contacts to refer to for getting more information.

My second session on Friday was called 'Beyond the UNIX Paradigm'. Ha, that was big fun. There where guys discussing whether to further improve UNIX derivates or do an all new system from scratch. While generally being interested in such architectural topics, I had great fun watching the guys discussing. Nerds in the very best sense. I thought neither the overweight, nor the small nerd with a ponytail and glasses wouldn't exist like that anymore. Respect guys, stay as you are, throwing bottle caps at each other right in front of the audience.

After all, I also learned something about , being an organisation which is trying to bring means of communication to the least developed countries. Very good approach: 'Give us a phone! So we can call the government.'

The Saturday sessions will be covered in a different article ...

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