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Call for Co-Authors · 2005-04-03

Recently I had this Mai Tai and at the same time I had this idea. A microeconomic study needs to be carried out. To do this, I'm looking for co-authors, interested in participating. Here's a very first draft and the abstract of the paper:

Price Setting and the Happy Hour Concept

Abstract: At Simon-Dach-Strasse in Berlin, right in front of my door, is a quite unique pub environment. The pub density is very high and almost all pubs tend to offer very similar products. Cocktails. Economic questions that a raise immediately, are: Is the cocktail market at Simon-Dach-Strasse competitive? Is there room for supply side collusion of any kind? What means of either competition or collusion are used to maintain the market outcome? This paper tries to give answers to those questions, using microeconomic approaches. It will model the market and afterwards tries to back the model empirically. As results we will answer the question if market outcome is economically desirable and give advice on whether, and if, how to improve cocktail competition on Simon-Dach-Strasse cocktail market.

Please contact me if you are interested in participating as a co-author. I'll start the 'data collecting' very soon.

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