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Moleskine Case · 2005-03-16

I am a satisfied user of the Sharp SL-5500. Those who are into gadgets might know that this the most classy handheld that is to be owned. It is not only the first handheld that came with a fullfeatured physical keyboard. It is also the first handheld that came with a Linux operating system. So, we Sharp SL-5500 users own a sophisticated device, that distinguishes us from ordinary sales and middle managment people and gives us a satisfying social life.

There is one major setback. There is no cool case for the SL-5500. Not one. Only weirdo things that look like tool holders that plumbers wear at their belts. These are totally unacceptable for subtle, well educated individuals like us. There is only one option: Make your own. SL-5500 users, of course, are creative.

The question was: What would Hemingway use to take notes nowadays. He used to use a Moleskine, which just now becomes very up to date again, though it is dead wood. Today Hemingway would most certainly be a Sharp SL-5500 user, but would he set aside the beautiful decent black looks of a Moleskine Notebook? Of course not. So here is what I did and what Hemingway would do, with paper, glue, rubber band, furniture wax and duct tape. I hope you are duly impressed:

moleskine like Sharp SL-5500 case

∗ the plumber pic is a deep link into a very good Sharp related webshop, see context here:

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