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CoreMedia Live Blog · 2005-03-16

CeBIT 2005 - CoreMedia Live Blog, this shall be the 'live blog' of one of the biggest players in german automated content management. Nice try. Obviously CoreMedia wants to ride the buzzword. Unfortunately, the plan backfired awfully. Apparently, this 'blog' prooves what I suspected for while: "If publishing becomes too easy, the quality of the content converges to an epsilon vicinity around zero." You can see that on my site and you can definitely see it on CoreMedia's CeBIT blog.

With this post I do not comment on the products and services CoreMedia AG provides.

(via PR Blogger)

  1. Steve    Dec 5, 12:24    #
    Yes, and with the SOCIALIZE (still in beta) we are at zero – what a shame for such a star company! Or as the Germans say, PEINLICH!

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