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Scroll Your Inbox · 2005-03-14

Interior Otto proposes new plans. Again, there is no significant resistance against his plans to 'enhance security by broadening the power of the authorities'. Among other measures Interior Otto wants to enforce the storing of communicating data of all persons using german Communication Service Providers. Alledgedly, SMS, eMail, Telephone, Mobile phone connection data will be stored for 12 month and will be made accessible to police and secret service officers. Interior Otto does not rule out the possibility of storing communication content as well.

Since Interior Otto does not rule out the storage of communication content I strongly encourage everybody to use cryptographic methods to protect communication content. These methods are not illegal nor are they difficult to use. Cryptographic methods provide nothing more then an envelope would provide to conventional mail. It seals the content, therefore makes it unreadable for the messenger and secures the content's integrity.

Let's do a little experiment on your email inbox. Please scroll the last 50 mails and mark each that you would not have sent written on a postcard but rather in an 'enveloped' letter. Do you get my point now.

My public pgp key can be found here.

For the protection of your internet usage I propose JAP which is basically a mix proxy that makes it very difficult for a third party to observe your internet usage (JAP Link).

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