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Review Silentium! · 2005-03-13

Silentium! Josef Hader, Simon Schwarz, Joachim Krol in a lovely austrian criminal story, involving the Salzburger Festspiele, prostitution, the chatholic church and child abuse. All this is presented in a most blasphemic and morbid manner. Three out of five cites presented are taken right from the new testament the rest is taken from Hitchkock movies.

Hader gives the outcast private eye with a whole lot of charme, Simon Schwarz plays his part very very lovely as well. Actually, the whole casting makes the movie worth seeing. Notice Christoph Schlingensief acting as Christoph Schlingensief. Just great ...

Again, the whole movie is morbid, blasphemic, has it's brutal scenes and deals with church issues. So, if you liked 'The Passion of The Christ', you will love 'Silentium!'.

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