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Infuenza and Public Transport · 2005-02-27

H.J. Wischnewski, 82, german diplomatic troubleshooter in the seventies, died from an infection last week. I guess influenza gave rest to him after a history of other deseases. The pope has awful problems with his soar throat, comming from an influenza infection and me spent the weekend in bed as well, all feaverish.

Well, that last point was to come, since I was taking public transport a lot lately. By the way, they have this 'BladeRunner'-like advertisement screens in the Berlin underground. They spice up the ads with newspaper content. The newspaper, they have chosen to put the flesh in, is the awfullest tendentious blood-and-sperm sling existing in Berlin (B.Z. They, of course cannot ignore a thing like a ifluenza epidemic, for it produces fear, hence emotion. So they cover the topic for weeks now. What my problem is: "Is there someone at Berlin Public Transport Assosiation reading the posts that are screened in the trains?" If you screen this influenza topic on this fear and emotion level, you might scare customers out of the trains.

I go back to bed, sneezing and shivering ...

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