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ICE 1415 Release · 2005-02-24

My very first textpattern plugin! I'll call it the ICE 1415 release. Basically it implements a link with linktext 'I'm feeling lucky' and a randomly chosen link to a post within this site. Note the feature right under my blog's logo. Actually, this plugin is more or less a test, checking whether the whole plugin approach is worth working with:

  1. Holger Kreis    Feb 24, 18:36    #
    TXP reports:  ”Badly formed or empty plugin code” :(
  2. Feuerhake    Feb 24, 19:05    #
    Holger, you have to copy it all. The string in the input field is very big. Did you copy paste it all? Works fine here. Textpattern · 1.0rc1
  3. Holger Kreis    Feb 24, 20:41    #
    sure i did. safari and firefox, into my TXP 1.0rc1. maybe something concerning macs? no, i even put it into a txt-file with $plugin=’paste’ and tried to upload it. strange, hm?
  4. Holger Kreis    Feb 24, 20:42    #
    anyway, it’s cute!
  5. Feuerhake    Feb 25, 06:44    #
    basically this is the function:
    function jfx_lucky($atts) {
    global $pfr;
    $q = “select * from ”.PFX.”textpattern order by rand() limit 1”;
    $rs = getRows($q);
    if ($rs) {

    return formatHref($pfr,$Section,$ID, “I’m Feeling Lucky”,””, “c3”);
    return “Failure in jfx_lucky, please see the txp plugin section.”;

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