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Awful Computer Criminal Pleades Not Guilty · 2005-02-21

Now, wait this guy pleaded not guilty to causing a computer to perform a function which intended to secure unauthorised access to a program or data held in a computer by using lynx. Lynx the very infamous hacker tool. This awful criminal.

1st Boing Boing Post, 2nd Boing Boing Post

Unfortunately there is only boing boing and b.b.c. covering the story. So we cannot be sure whether the statements of either side are true...

  1. — kevin lyda`    Feb 22, 10:38    #
    actually, others did cover it. it came up on the irish linux users mailing list. i decided to email the met and ask. i posted up what i learned here:

    you can feel free to do the same if you don’t trust what i say. i find cory doctrow’s continued posting of this story without his contacting the met himself to be irresponsible and lame.

    it took me all of 5 minutes to find the appropriate met email address. i got a reply within a day. the idea that police departments around the world should troll all media to find stories to reply to is neither scalable or desirable.
  2. Feuerhake    Feb 28, 18:12    #
    Yes, Kevin you are right. There is no journalism ethics among bloggers yet and it is quite disappointing that an a list blog author thinks he does not need to verify his posts. The people behind the stories he covers can, of course, not surf the web all the time to find the authors covering unbacked stories and correct them. This is the author’s task and if he fails, obviously Cory Doctorow does fail here, one should keep that in mind when reading other posts of his …

    We are straight into one of the major topics concerning blogs here, aren’t we?

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