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"The Gates" Quotations · 2005-02-19

There are some really lovely citations of Christo's "The Gates". Follow links below, lovely lovely:

By the way, allegedly, Bill "The Gates" threatened the danish government that M$ would withdraw the navision production, which adds up to 800 employees, from Danmark, if Danmark would continue to oppose against the directive. Bill would otherwise rather go to countries where his 'rights' are protected.

You know what, Bill, how about leaving all your software where your rights are protected? Do you dare? Do you dare to actually protect your rights by not selling to countries that do not respect your dubious 'rights'? We both know, that sometimes it is all about market diffusion and the rest is cheap talk. ... and furthermore, you are the bad guy that hinders innovation. Well, true, in my eyes innovation never was a particular strength of M$.

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