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On Otto · 2005-01-31

Sabbeljan wrote a satiric post in which Otto S. (could well be but isn't the current German minister of the interior) is arrested the Orwellian way, using acoustic, video, RFID surveillance and DNA analysis et cetera. A very nice post with one major setback. It is in German tongue, but OK. Now, how come that only very few stand up against this 'after-9-11-erosion-of-liberties'?

Here in Germany there is still this deep feeling of being subordinate as an individual when it comes to matters of state and country. Thats something that does not only lives deep deep down in Otto S's dark soul, it rather is common sense in German, and not only German, society. That is because German citizens never experienced the value of civil liberties nor did they fight for it at any time. OK, wait, they fought but never won. Well, fifteen years ago the east Germans fought and even won but they sold out faster than their own shadows for a pack of Marlboro and a Volkwagen. Actually we want to have a higher power that looks after us, that rewards and punishes, and we'd love to give away liberties, cause it means giving away responsibility. May this is the same in all human societies and 'les droites des hommes' where just, erm, an idea and not what 'les hommes' actually want.

Since I believe the above stated holds a little, it might be a good idea to have a category 'liberty/citizenship', for this won't be the last entry on eroding liberties in our societies. By the way, Sabbeljan, your Otto, which is not the current German minister of the interior, wasn't tortured at all? End of 2004 we had this lovely little Christiansen debate about legalising torture, only in very limited cases of course. Your Otto should have been put to special interrogation. You know, toothpicks under fingernails, high voltage on nipples ...

By the way even more interesting is the erosion of liberty rights in the U.S. of A. I really thought they'd show more resistance.

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