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Troy Review · 2004-05-25

Troy has been some nice piece of hollywood. Petersen does freely interpret the original Iliad. So, those who might believe they know the outcome will find it a whole lot different in the end but that doesn't matter. Petersen does a good job by picking one piece of it all and bend the Iliad to fit this particular part.

In fact Troy offers some ideas on war, peace and the use and reasoning of immortality. All that comes in blood and violence aesthetics common to recent hollywood productions but here all the bloodshed wants to leave the impression that all that warfare is a whole lot in vain. 'War is young men dying and old man talking'

I'm not going further into the topic. I might reveal too much. My recommendation is: go, see it.

Nice side story: Since Troy is about three hours long there was a break in between. Two girls were reflecting the movie. A:'Wow, I'm anxious to see the end, though I know the outcome already.' B:'What? You've seen the movie already?' That happened yesterday, no joke.

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