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The Internet Underclass · 2004-12-20

Companies and public bodies are still failing to take accessibility into account when designing their websites, despite the risk of legal action under the UK's disability discrimination laws.

Yes, mate, the same holds for germany.

This lack of action on accessibility is creating an internet underclass, according to web testing firm Scivisium. The company has identified several different kinds of accessibility problems, where the site will only work with a particular browser, or requires the user to change their browser settings to gain access.

Yes, correct again. Dearest webmarketing excecutives, there are not only the physically impaired, there are the technically impaired as well. Please do make yourself familiar with the WCAG, since, if you refuse, you lock out, not only the physically impaired, which you might not consider part of your audience, 'cause they live on social relief anyway (That'd be bad company ethics, but well if you can live with it), you close out the techincally impaired as well. Among those are, and here comes the punch line, Mac users, UNIX derivate users, smart phone users, handheld users, etc. So, people who are well educated, earn salaries well above avarage and/or do adopt trends very early. Got my point? Now, it is your choice.

By the way, I try to meet the standards, for I'd like to be read and I welcome anybody who is interested and, of course, I consider myself part of the Internet Underclass. Maybe, that could be a reason for you as well.

(via elReg)

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