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The Incredibles · 2004-12-13

I urge you to see 'The Incredibles', though the mouse imperium is delivering it. It is big fun on an advanced intellectual level. So, if you are a middle age suburbian dad or mom: see it. If you are a high school kid: see it. If you are into James Bond movies like 'Dr. No' or 'Octopussy': again see it. If you like Oscar Niemeyers architecture: see it. I recon that almost any human being on earth is member of one of the mentioned groups, so, everybody should see 'The Incredibles'.

This movie beats the first Shrek. Therefore it beats Nemo and the second Shrek. It is really good ...

  1. juergen    Dec 19, 19:22    #
    thx 4 the recommendation, it’s a cool movie, really!

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