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Anna Karenina · 2004-12-05

There's been one question that bugged me for a while. That question was: "How to make a proper White Russian". If you just google for white russian and check the top three returns you get three different opinion. One says '1 oz. Kahlua : 1.5 oz. Vodka', the next says '1.5 oz. Kahlua : 1.5 oz. Vodka' and the last states '1.5 oz. Kahlua : 2oz. Vodka'. Next point is, that it always says 'pour milk or cream'. What milk or cream ... or a mixture, and if a mixture, what cream milk ratio and should the milk/cream part be whipped and if so, for how long? Lots of questions, that cried for field study. Yesterday, we got me all the ingediends to make White Russian. The experiment started at 11:07pm ... unfortunately it ended with little result. I loved the fourth, but I really don't know how I made it.

By the way, there was one further ingredient that made my experiment: "Deutschlandfunk", they had a feature called "Dieses reine, unbedingte Ereignis - Eine Lange Nacht vom Erkennen im Augen-Blick" (The pure , unconditioned event - A long night about recognition within eye contacts). They read an essay by Bernd Wegener about Tolstoi and aspects of the 'eye contact' in his work. Wegeners German is so very sophisticated, so filled with latin, french and english. He gives every cite first in original tongue and does translate it only afterwards. Really, sometimes you have hard times understanding Bernd. This really was an event, hearing Bernd's essay about the erotic aspects of the eye contact in Tolstois work. We lay on on the kitchen floor, like bugs on their backs, and laughed and laughed ... and still the essay was interesting. Yes, it wasn't the topic, it was the clash of juicy topics and academic language that was funny. Yes, and right between two juicy academic essays, the next one was about Goethe's Werther, they played our national anthem because it was midnight. Man, that's been big fun ...

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