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The 'Der Wixxer' Movie and Party · 2004-05-21

Oliver Kalkhofe was one of the messias of german comedy. He did great things in 'Kalkhofes Mattscheibe'. I still respect this part of his opus. Kalkhofe, after all, finished his very first movie now, 'Der Wixxer'. To put it straight, he should have stayed away from it. There was one thing that made 'Kalkhofes Mattscheibe' a big blow. It's been the very cynical attitudes. Well, that's missing completely in that movie. The rest is recycling GDR-jokes that where considered dead for fifteen years now. If you are not German there won't be anything you could possibly giggle about. Even if you are German you might be left with the feeling that you just saw a very very low budget remake of naked gun. At least the movie is cut fast, so none of the moronic punchlines lasts very long. Chiefinspector:'Inspector, I have good news for you.', Inspector:'Did you get cancer?' Oh boy, someone must have put shoe cream into Kalkhofes bong. Awful.

Now, for the 'after premiere party'. That's been way better. I met nice people whom I didn't meet for weeks just by chance. When we went I thought: 'man this is not my peer group. those who wear suits outnumber those without.' Kalkhofe, Pastewka et. al. went there as well, celebrating the whole thing is if it was Oscar Night. But ... there were no crowds gathering round them. The only guy who did provoke a crowd to gather was Horst Krause. Main actor of 'Schultze gets the blues'. Yeah, that did satisfy me, life might be fair after all...

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