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Driving Cattle with the Qu'ran · 2004-11-16

Deutschlandfunk plays this elevator-all-music-no-singing-cover-band-music between it's features. This used to be o.k. since they mainly feature news there. But today they covered 'Golden Brown' by 'The Stranglers'. That's down right blasphemic. God shalt strike them down. Speakin' of Allah. Where does this Islam panicking come from? There are a few politicians posting the right comments to the right media. Well, what politicians are trying to 'proliferate' panic concerning Islam? Who are those crusaders? Let's make a list: Beckstein (CSU), Wiefelspütz (SPD), Schavan (CDU), Koschyk (CSU) ... Thats a list made by searching google news for 'Holland is everywhere'. OK, now, why do they do it? I suggest the following: They drive cattle. How can you make cattle go the way you want? Make noise, be scary and they'll start running. I know, it is a bad cowboy doing it this way, but there are bad cowboys ... and who is the cattle? We, the voters ... and where do they want to drive us? To the ballots. Well, OK that's just one suggestion.

By now there are very few guys putting the things straight. Among them, praise the lord, is Bundespraesident Köhler, who urges us to respect each other. Well, that's just true. This Köhler guy is not that bad sometimes. Furthermore, though unfortunately in German, here is a very nice interview dealing with the topic: "Reaktionen gegenueber Muslimen sind Panikmache"

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