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Volksbibel · 2004-11-15

'Bild' the German tabloid publishes the 'Volksbibel' today. Yes right, last week Die Zeit, Germany's big weekly, published part 'A - Bar' of it's encyclopedia. Now, today it is Bild with it's Bible. But hey, let's be silent for a sec and then speak out 'Volksbibel', sounds great, doesn't it? Volksbibel, Volkswagen, Volksgemeinschaft ... ok, there is 'Volks-' sounding like nation, like we are all the same, and there's bibel which is the bible of course and stands for christianity. Together we have a nation in christianity, lovely. Well a little dumb, but lovely. Besides it does fit current discussion within the media. Christiansen, Germany's Larry King was discussing the dangers emerging from having people living in Germany who are actually Muslims. The Spiegel, Germany's best selling weekly, opens with 'Allah's daughters - women without rights in Germany'. Our media wants to come back to our Christian roots. But why? I thought we could get along without religious reasoning. I mean, the division of church and state worked pretty well for twohundered years now. Why fading out this division? Why is it not allowed to wear the Muslima scarf in Bavarian schools whilst having a compulsory cruzifix above the black board? That's not really the levelled playing ground law should provide. Could we please stop this awful discussion and look at the true reasons of extremism. Way too exhausting, isn't it? Reading the Volksbibel is easier. Do we really sneak back to simple answers?

As long as I have to write about stupidity of this kind and amount I will end my posts with: Allah u akba!. By the way, the real Volksbibel is here:

  1. — Kermit    Nov 15, 15:20    #
    first of all: Ms. Christiansen is not Germany’s Larry King—I think it compares better to “Kansas High School Debating Chamber” ;-)

    sencondly: Kamps, my bakery shop round the corner (which is listed on Frankfurt stock exchange), gives you a free Bild-Newspaper if you buy bread for 3 Euro or more. Bread and Bild, thats your staple food… gahrrr… its a pity, because Kamps has nice bread, but now I cant buy it any more.
  2. feuerhake    Nov 15, 16:35    #
    In terms of ‘being seen’ Christiansen is King … she’s got best audience rating within her section.

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