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Groovy · 2004-11-13

This sounds interesting. There is a new Java implemented scripting language in town. Groovy. There have been Nice and Beanshell around but this one is different since it shall become a certified programming language for Java virtual machines. The huge advantage is easy to see. You can call java classes right out of the scripting environment. In perl you would have needed to implement a main method for every object that you wanted to call out of perl, for example, which you afterwards would have called like this: system("java ClassToCall argumentsToPass");. This is definitely not a way to cash in the advantages of a scripting language and a big headed object oriented programming language all at once.

Ok, with Groovy you really seem to have a tool to truely integrate scripting in Java and vice versa. You can call Java objects right in the script without altering the class. Groovy is java implemented, therefore Groovy is bytecode, which should guarantee a seam less running. You can generate Javabytecode from Groovy scripts(!) which sound like a big thing to me. Working with Java should become a whole heck of lot easier with groovy. Imagine that you do not, never ever again need to type public static void main(String[] args){... Sounds great, doesn't it?

Right now Groovy is avaliable in version 1.0 beta6 (9MB). I'll check it when having broader access then here at grandma's. If you won't check it at all you will soon find experiences here.

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