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Influenza Pandemic · 2004-11-11

Sorry folks, this is a tiny little bad taste like, please stop reading here if you are not very much into sarcastics. This morning I heard that the WHO urges more flu vaccine efforts before pandemic because statistically the time for the next flu pandemic has come. The environment for a flu pandemic was not as good in decades as it is now, since a bird flu virus can infect human beings in asia. The guy on the radio explained that it now needs a patient to be infected by bird flu and ordinary flu at the same time to give the chance to mix dna a little to those viruses. The Last big pandemic was in 1918. Read more here: The Influenza Pandemic of 1918. Furthermore, the guy this morning explained, that there is very few effort to develop a proper vaccine, because profit expectations of large 'life science' corps are just too low yet. That explanation seemed a little simple. Well, I dunno and who am I to judge company policies?

My advice now is 'Panic!'. Call the RKI in berlin and express that you are panicing or even better, take it as the will of the all mighty, cause there is little doubt that dabbelyou is in fact one of the armageddon kings and dooms day is close. In this latter case, of course, you do not need to call the RKI in berlin. Praying would be perfecly sufficient.

Some lovely stats on the mortality in October of 1918 in Kansas.

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