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Lobet den Herr-ren ... · 2004-11-10

Learning from the US is learning how to prevail. Therefore german news agencies start asking whether dabbelyous success is wind beneath the wings of german christian fundamentalism. Die Zeit, 'the' german weekly, and Tageschau, 'the' german telly news format, do raise this question today in their online services. After Dabbelyou did cut the payments for third world projects that promote other things then abstinence to fight HIV and poverty he could now start to proselytize us by promoting his fellas over here. Yes, we hedonist old european scum have to learn that 'Sex Has Consequences'. Let's follow this debate, should be great fun. I bet you, we will not only have weeks of olde testament wording but whole legislative periods.

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  1. — Vivien    Nov 10, 21:13    #
    Argh. Argh. Double Argh!! And I had just gotten over my deepest despair…

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