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A Little Too Simple · 2004-11-09

Today, fifteen years ago, I will walk down oranienstrasse for the first time of my life, which is somewhat weirdo, since Oranienstrasse was not more then two miles away from my flat at that time. Yes, right fifteen years ago, the wall came down. That's been really amazing. Why was it so great? Well, it was one of the first and one of last things, the people of east germany did, when realising, that they are actually free.

When my fellow citizens realized that they are not only free but free and poor, they wanted the D-Mark. What we got instead was reunification. I am still convinced that it'd have been better to figure out first how to live our new found freedom. Give ourselves rules according to our attitudes. With the german reunification we received a certain level of wealth, that is not common in the other former socialist states but what we lost is self esteem. We lost it because we received a far developed set of rules and laws that just did not fit our needs then and largely doesn't fit it now. That foreign ruleset, and the foreign wealth took our self confidence, which we had for a year or one and a half. I am afraid, I hate to say that, I am afraid that between the ninth of november 89 and the third of october 90 there was not much time for the east germans to figure out what freedom means and since a large part of the wealth fell from the sky, there even isn't the self esteem of the one who earned one's richness. Poor east germans. They had it all and gave it away for a Volkswagen and a new autobahn.

I stop it here, please comment for further insight, and I stop it with saying: Totally different from the '3rd October', which they should have cancelled as they planned to, the '9th November' is a great day to celebrate.

  1. juergen    Nov 9, 08:17    #
    ... a joining by the grundgesetz, not a reunification …
  2. sabbeljan    Nov 9, 08:45    #
    you’re damn right man!

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