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Template Experiments · 2004-11-08

Hm, this whole database driven weblog thingie remains awfully slow. I have always known that relational databases are something for the brain dead. Anyway, I will experiment with templates within the next few weeks. This will be mainly for the sake of gaining speed. Up to then, remain patient and stay tuned. Sorry.

  1. — jl    Nov 10, 07:42    #
    what’s about this?: it isn’t a problem of your templates, maybe. static html-files holding in the filesystem will be delivered so much faster than generated files from a database by demand.
  2. feuerhake    Nov 10, 08:39    #
    by now i’m convinced that the templates need to be as slim as possible within textpattern. Retrieve from the db whatever you can retrieve by that means. Textpattern must have awfully slow template parsing algorithms.

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