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Dabbelyou's Campaign Website · 2004-10-28

This one is really lovely. The GeorgeDabbelyouBush reelection campaign website is blocked for pinko commie raghead individuals, who have chosen to live on pinko commie raghead soil outside the US of A. For more information see ElReg and read carefully here and here.

We pinkos are obviously left alone with Well I am fine with that. What else? The IEM still sees Dabbelyou way ahead, so, hm, let's face it. Four more years.

Update: For those of you who really cannot help, seeing George's campaign site. Apparently George's webmaster did block the address but not the ip and if you can watch, you can link, so me is linkin' this:

party with dabbelyou

Update_I: Do not skip the comments on this post. They are very nice. Many thanks go out to Ron.


  1. — Ron Atkinson    Nov 4, 19:57    #
    It’s probably been blocked so that the rest of the world can’t see the useless photoshopping they use on the site.

    And you thought Bush was against cloning, etc?
  2. — Juergen    Nov 4, 20:07    #
    the ip is actually blocked, take a proxy in the states…
    (for instance)
  3. Feuerhake    Nov 4, 20:08    #
    the ip was not blocked at 17:30 CEST now it doesn’ even respond … i guess they flame it right now

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