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Wholistic Campaigns · 2004-10-23

Dear Commissioner Byrne,
as resigning EU commissioner for public health you released your very last, well, let's say 'fart in the head', which is not proper english, but should be understood. It is a campaign against juvenile smoking and comes with 'emotionally enhanced' pictures that should be printed on cigarette packs. Well there is one thing that I refuse to understand, and thats the almost religious anger concerning smoking and only smoking. Where are the campaigns to promote awareness on the impacts of sugar, gasoline, alcohol, motor vehicle emissions, cellphones, etc. etc.? Why is it always only smoking? I guess it is all lobbyism, pure breed lobbyism. Are you a lobbyist, Mr. Byrne? If so should a lobbyist be budgeted by the taxpayer? Go, fundraise elsewhere, Mr. Byrne. Furthermore, here are my ideas for more wholistic campaigns, enjoy:

chocolatebar advertismentwodka advertismenta gas station advertisment

best regards Feuerhake

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