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WHO Disease Outbreak News · 2004-10-17

Those of you who run ThinGamaBlog might fear the day, when it comes to migrating the whole mess to a 'big boys' tool like Movable Type, WordPress or Textpattern. In this special case we deal with Textpattern. Now, how to get the whole weblog mess into the all-new expensive web-interfaced database? Well, the first step is easy. One uses the RSS-feed export feature of ThinGamaBlog. Problem now is: How to translate the RSS feed into SQL statements, because at least textpattern lacks a xml interface? I did not find any automated solution for that problem outthere on the net, so I wrote a little coversion script. It uses perl to parse the feed and write sql statements to standard out. One just pipes them to a file and runs it on mysql. Done, but be careful, if you use haloscans comments there is manual work left, since the exported feed do not reproduce the article id's used by haloscan. Anyway, here 's the script:

This migrating thing does not mean that ThinGamaBlog is a bad tool. It is not, the whole thing was carried out for experimental reasons. ... though they are some minor ThinGamaBlog disadvantages when it comes to larger blogs. Like uploading all the redundant formatting when changing it, for example.

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