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Man in the Mirror · 2004-09-27

You know, it is the same all over, people tend to speak about visions, plans and 'how it all should be done' but forget to live it. Michael Jackson reflects on that in 'Man in the Mirror'. Ok, let's start with the man in the mirror, just as Michael suggests. This weekend the straw that broke the camels back fell on my weblog. Those of you, who are into web topics might have noticed, that my pages where a jungle made of embedded tables. The whole formatting was done with <font> tags. There was no chance to figure the document structure the automated way. Not to mention the absence of slightest document structure. Ok, from today on all this is changed and all new, praise the lord. There is one table per page, with head, body and foot. Tags H1, H2, H3, ... Hx are used to indicate headlines. All this shall improve accessibility and readability in general. Since I changed a whole lot the pages might look weirdo, please report if so.

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