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Yusuf's exclusion · 2004-09-26

This is the weblog of Yusuf Islam: Mr. Islam doesn't try to hide his fundamentalist islamic and therefore terrorist lifestyles. Notice that his name is not only Yusuf but even Yusuf Islam, that he is bearded and does not(!) wear a rag round his head, which is, in this case, a way of hiding his true attitudes. Yusuf Islam wanted to travel to Nashville, only to devastate this centre of American culture, of course. This aggression could not stand. His flight was diverted to Maine where Islam was held deported back to Britain. Another terrorist attack was stopped right before harmful schemes could be employed.

The world is a little saver now but guess what? The rag-head's got the guts to complain without even being put to Guantanamo. He uses his weblog to publish awful lies about the American immigration authorities. What an evil doer.

(via kuro5hin)


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