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King of Comedy · 2004-09-25

Last night I went to the 'videothek'. When I just wanted to leave with no dvd at all, I read on a cover Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro. I thought "wait a sec. I've seen all the Scorsese movies. Haven't I?". Well, apparently I hadn't. This one was made in 1983 and goes by the name 'King of Comedy'. Since it is a Scorsese the whole thing is somewhat disturbing and is not a comedy at all, though it has it's funny moments. Now just a short plot outline: Rupert Pupkin (Robert De Niro) considers himself a great comedian and therefore stalks the late night talker Jerry Langford. Jerry Lewis appears as Langford. As far as I remember this is the best part Jerry Lewis ever contributed to a movie. Rupert is treated quite professionally by Jerry's producing company. Notice gorgeous Shelley Hack as Jerry's PA Cathy Long. Of course the whole thing escalates and ... well, the whole thing might tell us something about the media. If you haven't yet, see it.

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