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Coffee and Cigarettes · 2004-08-23

Jarmusch plays it cool. He delivers a sketch book or better an unsorted pile of sheets. Most of them are are incomplete short, well, not stories, they rather are observations. Coffee and Cigarettes puts people into the same setting and we, the audience can watch them act. The scenes largely live on what the actors do. The rest, apart from the background music, stays the same during the scenes. Ok, since the actors play a more important role here, then in other movies, here an incomplete list: Steve Buscemi, Roberto Benigni, Iggy Pop, Tom Waits, Meg White, Jack White, Alfred Molina, Jack Coogan, Renee French, GZA, RZA, Bill Murray, Bill Rice, Taylor Mead

Best scenes in my eyes are: 'Renee', Miss French is just gorgeous browsing her hand gun journal. 'Cousins?' Molina and Coogan show us how we are sometimes. 'No Problem', lovely just like one of those old Loriot sketches. 'Champanger', Bill and Taylor play it great.

One more question: Is Miss French this Renee French? After all, a cool cool piece of celluloid ...

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