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A Few Questions on Politicians and Politics · 2004-08-15

What makes a politician become a politician? I mean, being a politician is a very costly profession. There's sixteen to eighteen hours workdays, no weekends, always sitting, therefore becoming obese and getting angina pectoris and after all, for the same hardship large firms pay way more than the taxpayer is willing to.

I think the reason is a certain kind of having power. Thats the actual reward politicians go for. It is changing things, regulating things. The whole incentive is psychological. Therefore it does not matter whether the change they enforce is good after all. For the politician it is enough to ensure herself that she has the power to enforce changes. Does this lead to rather use- and senseless legislation? If one follows recent legislation in Germany and the EU one might end up with this conclusion.

I really don't know. Is the whole process of defining the rules, we live after, infiltrated by psychologically dubious persons who legislate for the sheer sake of legislating? If so, what can we do to make them leave us alone?

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