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Tao's Homepage · 2007-03-14

Here is the homepage of Terence Tao. According to kottke he won both the Fields Medal and a MacArthur genius grant last year. What he has got and what I like about his page, for it is something to play with, is a set of java applets dealing with math. My favourite is Math 132 Applet 2: Elementary complex maps:

This applet demonstrates a number of complex maps w = f(z). By default the identity map f(z) = z is displayed, but other maps can be chosen. The left grid represents the z complex plane (the domain of f), and the right grid represents the w complex plane (the range of f). Moving the mouse around the z plane will cause a pointer to move in the w plane according to whatever complex map was selected. [...]

Move the mouse and press the right button from time to time. Try other then the default f(z). Then try Math 132 Applet 5: The complex derivative. Lovely as well.

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