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Fahrenheit 9/11 · 2004-08-14

I know, I'm late with this comment, but still ...

Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 is biased, polemical and tendentious. Therefore Fahrenheit 9/11 is good. Yes, for the reasons I should condemn it, I praise it. Do not forget for whom this film was made. It is not the european audience that is summoned to vote in November in the US. It is the US Americans. Those who were informed by a mainly 'brought into line', biased, polemical and tendentious mass media. Moore's aim, one notices it in almost every scene, is to get rid of Mr. Bush as president of the US. Moore does not hide this intention. In this sense he is not a journalist and he does not pretend to be one. Which is different from what the anchor man of FOX news tries to make you believe.

Moore did a good job. He made a movie full of emotion, which made him being criticized here in old Europe. Again, do not forget that the audience is elsewhere. Given his aim, he needed to do it emotionally. See the presidential campaign spots. There is no information on aims and politics. It is all about emotions, about waving flags and happy middle class families. Yes Michael, show what was done to middle class families in the US and abroad. Show it. Show grief. Show death. Make us ask 'Why'? We may find different answers then those Moore offers. Still, different from the telly news Moore wants us to ask 'Why?'. Moore is a genius in documentaries. This is for sure. He uses all the means given to him and he uses them gifted. He is funny, he rough, he is mean. His reasoning is simple and plain. He serves a quarter pounder where we europeans would rather have light foamy creamy soup. He does not want to win the Max-Ophuels-Award in Guethersloh. He doesn't give a thought about all the PhDs, cineasts and feuilletonists. Yes, Michael, though I understand criticism here, I still say this movie is damn good.

... There is more to say about it but I'll stop here.

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