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Lessig Key Note · 2007-01-05

Take an hour fifteen to see Lawrence Lessigs key note speech at the 23C3. This is a quick and easy to understand walk through licence and copyleft matters. Strongly strongly recommended.

Lawrence Lessig

Once you've seen and understood Lessigs speech you could go on and see an interview with John Perry Barlow on the same topic. Here is a short quote to give a hint on what to expect:

[…]If you wanna share something - share it. If you wanna use something - use it. Try to do so ethically in the sense of don´ t take things without attribution.[…] Pay no attention to these people when it comes to being creative. Go ahead and do the stuff that Larry showed in the beginning of his talks and do lot of it. And every time they put a lock on - break it. And every time they pass a new law - break that.[…]


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