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Person of the Year: You · 2006-12-17

Time magazin's person of the year is you. ...well, if you are part of the 'web controlling' crowd. Hm, let me think about this ...

Hm, yes, it might be true. There is a revolution outthere, as far as the possibility of publishing is refered to. But ... who is read. The information you publish becomes valid only if it is read hence shared. But here we still have and probably will have very few information providers who are being read by multitudes and multitudes of publishers hardly being read at all. To the 'not being read' publishers publishing power comes only via ... er, how to call it ... stampede publishing. You only can dig or dis posts of main stream media and even this will only be noticed if a lot of have not publishers do the same. They cannot or not really ignite debates they consider important and which could well be very important. Take the debate on software patents in europe or the debate on surveillance in the ICT age. There is a debate outthere in the web but is it relevant to the deciding folks?

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