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Movie Review: 'Schultze gets the blues' · 2004-04-24

i've seen the movie 'Schultze gets the blues' (->english this way). i believe this one is really worth havin a look. you have some excellent camera work, cuttin edge acting, really cuttin edge acting, a very good story, a decent, slightly sinister sense of humor... and there's cajun music and cajun kitchen involved. i'm not going to tell the story or give hints here, except that i recommend it to everybody, not only to connaiseurs of the state of german society, but to all, because as sueddeutsche wrote (lucky me, i don't have to find the words anymore): it is an advocacy for life before death...

its way of telling a story is of course far away from common hollywood style, though it does not leave you exhaustet or pi#@ed-off. it is good fun

when it comes to your town, go watch it.

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